TROIX MAGAZINE • 2010-2012


TROIX (French slang for "Three More") is a cutting edge, entertainment and pop culture international magazine available to readers and viewers around the world.

Each collectible-quality issue spotlights THREE iconic individuals or groups who despite their youth have influential power and considered "WHO TO WATCH" within fields of entertainment, glamour, fashion, music, and pop culture.

TROIX's main core is to spotlight individuals who are hip, bold, and daring; featured in an edgy, yet artistic, classy and positive way.

TROIX will never overwhelm with content. You come, you see, you listen. Then you go on with your busy young life--just a bit more fulfilled after getting a "fix" from TROIX.

In between, we'll be feeding you a few morsels. After all, we wouldn't want you going into complete withdrawal...

Print copies are available to order from anywhere in the world. Ships to your door.

Publications in TROIX MAGAZINE • 2010-2012

40 publications

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