Colourful Canadian Memories:

Passchendaele Brothers

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Published by:
Ron Bennett
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
antique, brotherhood, brothers, cigerette, colored, colorized, coloured, colourized, FINAL, last, one, Passchendaele, picture, war, World, ww1, WWI

Passchendaele Brothers . Two soldiers ... one Canadian, one German. Two wounded soldiers in No Man's Land ... trying to survive, hoping to see

another sunrise. They have different pasts, different ideals, different histories, and are from different countries ...

but that doesn't mean they can't treat each other humanely. Accept and respect the other's differences. They could be

friends in another time and place. A short time ago they were trying to kill each other ... because their governments

decreed they must be enemies. But if this is their last few hours, or minutes, they will smoke their last cigerette

together ... as brothers.

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Colourful Canadian Memories: Passchendaele Brothers

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