Colourful Canadian Memories:

Gudrid and Snorri

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Snorri, shortly after birth. His mother, Gudrid Eiriksdottir, holds him for the first time. Snorri has decided to take the

opportunity to have his first meal. . Snorri Thorfinnsson is the first record of a child of European descent to be born in North America. He was born in the fall in a

Norse settlement in Vinland, sometime between 1004 and 1013. The settlement was abandoned due to infighting and confilct with

natives when Snorri was just three years old. He sailed with his mother and father, Thorfin Karsefni, accross the Atlantic Ocean,

in an open boat, eventually reaching Iceland. As an adult, Snorri went on to become a leading figure in the Christianization of


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Colourful Canadian Memories: Gudrid and Snorri

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