Ellen Feldman (ellenf)

Ellen Feldman is a fine arts photographer known for her unique photo-based projects and her on-going practice of street photography. Her work reflects her background in film studies—in the primacy of physical gesture, frozen motion, and bold color; in conflict within the frame; and in latent drama and narrative. In "The Dancer as the Invisible Girl," she has combined her explorations of these characteristics with the comic book form and photographs of a dancer captured on the move.

Prints (20x30 inches) of pages from the photo-comic book have been exhibited in solo shows at a Griffin Museum of Photography gallery (Winchester, MA) and the Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson, NY). Photographs from other series have been in exhibited in solo and featured shows at the French Cultural Center, Boston, MA; South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA; and the Photographic Resource Center, Boston University.

In addition to "The Dancer," Feldman has self-published two books of street photographs: "Les Mystères de Paris/Paris Mysteries" and "A Week in Prague: Wall People/Street People.”

She is the Photography Editor of The Women’s Review of Books, a journal published by Wellesley College, and holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University.

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