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Pump It Up magazine is a monthly entertainment industry publication and web domain geared toward independent artists around the world in two distinctly impactful ways. First, the company is a dedicated to showcasing and introducing exciting and worthy new singers, musicians, songwriters ,producers and music industry behind the scenes to the public and each other. Second, it is also a vital resource of information, advice, contacts and connections that can assist hard working independent artists in learning all of the behind the scenes and forefront aspects of the business. This arms them with the tools to most wisely map out the trajectory of their climb to success. On top of all that, Pump It Up dedicates a full page to Humanitarian Awareness in every edition.

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  • Pump It Up Magazine April 2016

    Pump it up is an international monthly print publication and online magazine focused on showcasing outlooks on the world of entertainment, music,…

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  • Music Umbrella Magazine| 2015

    Music Umbrella Magazine an independent music , arts and entertainment magazine and website which has a fair share of weirdness. Anissa Boudjaoui

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