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How can I share my MagCloud publication with my friends?

You can use the Promote page under your My Projects page to share a link to your publication through a variety of social networks, email or as an embeddable badge on your website or blog. You can also click the icons on your publication page to share a link to your publication on a variety of social networks. If you have enabled digital distribution, you can do the same with the icons in the Share tab of the MagCloud Web Viewer. These links will allow your friends and customers to purchase copies for themselves directly through the MagCloud site, in both print and digital formats.

MagCloud also offers a Ship to Group feature that lets you order and mail print versions of your MagCloud publication to multiple recipients with a single order. This way your friends, family and colleagues can all enjoy your creation as a high quality printed product.

Can I share digital versions?

Downloaded digital versions are for personal use only. Your downloaded digital versions are just for you, and have been customized with your name. You may not redistribute, sell or upload the downloaded PDF to any other websites or share the PDFs via email.

You can share a link to a digital publication through your social networks or via email from the Share tab within the MagCloud Web Viewer.

For publications you own, you can promote your digital publications through social media, email, and with embedded badges on your blog or website from your Promote page. You have the option to link to the publication page, or launch the web viewer directly. Note that if you opt to launch the web viewer for paid digital publications, readers will only see the first three pages of the publication before being prompted to purchase the publication through the MagCloud website to continue reading, or log in to their MagCloud account if they have previously purchased the publication.

Can I embed the web viewer on my website or blog?

Publishers can embed a badge on their website or blog that will launch the web viewer directly. From the Promote page, choose the option to "Launch publication in Web Viewer" then select how you want your embedded badge to look and copy the code provided into your site. When readers click on the badge, the web viewer will launch. If the publication is free, users can view all pages. If you've set a price on your publication, users can preview the first three pages and back cover before being prompted to purchase or log in.

As a publisher can I select which three pages are available for preview in my paid publications?

Not at this time. The web viewer preview for paid digital publications that are 8 pages or longer is set to include just the first three pages of your publication, including the cover, and your back cover.

How does the MagCloud referral program work?

When you are logged into your MagCloud account and use one of the built-in sharing tools you have the opportunity to earn cash for each new publisher you refer to MagCloud. If someone clicks on that link and becomes a MagCloud member, you will receive a special reward of $10 when they buy or sell $25 worth of their published content.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer to MagCloud, however all referrals must be new publishers. Digital sales and publisher markup will not be counted toward the $25 threshold, only print production revenue.

Click here to learn more and start referring new publishers to MagCloud.

How do I get my MagCloud publication on the featured list?

"Featured" on MagCloud are what some sites would call "staff picks" or "staff favorites." They have nothing to do with popularity, sales, how long a publication has been on MagCloud, or any other scientific methodology.

Instead the MagCloud team reviews every recent publicly available publication on an almost daily basis and looks for new publications that we believe show great design aesthetics, offer rich content, span our diverse set of categories and will appeal to the broadest segment of MagCloud's eclectic reader base. We look for publications that will not only grab the attention of readers, but also inspire new publishers by showing them what great content and design looks like.

While we cannot give every publication a "featured placement", we do look for other ways to promote our amazing publishers via Twitter and the MagCloud Facebook Page, so keep an eye on both of those channels for shout outs as well.

What are MagCloud’s built-in sharing tools?

Throughout the MagCloud website, within the MagCloud Web Viewer you’ll find tools to help you share your favorite publishers and publications through social media, email, and embeddable badges.

On the website, you’ll notice icons to post links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other social media sites. In the Referral section of your account, you will have the option to share your publications, your publisher profile page, or the MagCloud homepage via social media, email, or an embeddable badge. Finally, as a publisher, you can find tools to share your publications in the Promote section of your My Projects page.

In the MagCloud Web Viewer, you can share the publication you are reading via social media, email, a link or an embeddable badge by clicking the Share icon on the left side of the menu bar.

How do I get paid for my referral earnings?

You can request a payout of all or part of your referral earnings at any time in the Referral section of your MagCloud account. The minimum payout amount is $10, and all payouts will post to your PayPal account by the 10th of the following month.

At this time, we can only provide payouts to a PayPal account. This PayPal account will be the same for both your Referral and Publisher payments, and can be configured in your MagCloud Account settings.

Where can I find information about how many people I have referred and how much I have earned from those referrals so far?

On the Referral Stats page in the Referral section of your MagCloud Account you can see information about how many signups you have referred to MagCloud, what your total earnings are to date, and your current balance available for payout.

Can my Referral earnings be combined with my Publisher earnings?

At this time, Referral and Publisher earnings cannot be combined and will be paid out separately. They will be paid to the same PayPal account though, as specified in your MagCloud Account settings.

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