Ask MagCloud: Sharing & Promotion

How do I get my MagCloud publication on the featured list?

"Featured" on MagCloud are what some sites would call "staff picks" or "staff favorites." They have nothing to do with popularity, sales, how long a publication has been on MagCloud, or any other scientific methodology.

Instead the MagCloud team reviews every recent publicly available publication on an almost daily basis and looks for new publications that we believe show great design aesthetics, offer rich content, span our diverse set of categories and will appeal to the broadest segment of MagCloud's eclectic reader base. We look for publications that will not only grab the attention of readers, but also inspire new publishers by showing them what great content and design looks like.

While we cannot give every publication a "featured placement", we do look for other ways to promote our amazing publishers via Twitter and the MagCloud Facebook Page, so keep an eye on both of those channels for shout outs as well.

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