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What is a Ship to Group order and how do I create one?

A Ship to Group order lets you mail MagCloud publications to multiple recipients with a single order. It is an efficient way to send your MagCloud publication to multiple recipients such as clients, colleagues, club members, family, community, etc. A group order also saves you time by letting MagCloud do the packaging, addressing and shipping, and saves you money by making it easier to qualify for our bulk discount.

To create a group order, first create an address group in your MagCloud address book (Account>Address book>Add New Group). Name your group - clients, friends, family, vendors, etc. - and select group members from existing recipients in your address book.

Once your recipients and group are ready, add the MagCloud publication(s) you want to ship to your cart. Set the quantity to the number intended for each recipient, not the total for all recipients. For example, if you are sending 1 copy to 20 recipients you should set the quantity to 1. Note that all recipients in a group order must receive the same publications in the same quantities.

When you get to the shipping page, click "Select from Address Book", choose your address group, and checkout. The person who places the order pays for the order as a single transaction that includes the shipping costs for each recipient.

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