Florum Fashion

Florum Fashion

"Florum”: Latin for flowers.

Florum stands for the beauty and purity throughout nature; its about the inspiration you feel when you’re surrounded by untouched wonder. Florum is the birth of a new fashion, and like a flower, we are constantly blooming and changing into something new and beautiful. Our mission at Florum Fashion is to further the movement for a more eco-conscious way of fashion and beauty, through sustainable and local fashion. We believe an amazing amount of change is needed to accomplish this and our goal is to inspire that change. Florum Fashion Magazine is a fresh take on the old world of fashion and we are here to usher in the new era of sustainable and local fashion movements.

Based out of California’s state capitol of Sacramento, our goal is to expose the artistic talent of California, as well as international fashion and talent from around the world. For Florum has no home, nor place; our purpose is for fashion and art to flourish.


Publications in Florum Fashion

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