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KLM Enterprises Services Publishing, a division of KLM Enterprises Services LLC, is a pillar of creative support and inspiration based in Kansas City, MO. Founded in 2003 by La'Nardo and Kinnette Myrick, the company persists in its mission despite challenges in achieving profitability. Under La'Nardo Myrick Sr.'s creative leadership, KLM Publishing transforms thoughts into impactful statements through literature, aiming to leave a lasting impression on readers. Dedicated to easing the self-publishing journey for authors, KLM leverages MagCloud's platform to ensure their works gain the visibility and accessibility they deserve. Home to 9.0 Magazine, KLM Publishing embodies a commitment to empowering diverse voices and stories in the literary world. Through innovation and a passion for books, KLM Enterprises Services Publishing continues to support writers in sharing their unique narratives, shaping the future of independent publishing.

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