The Adventures of Sphincter Man

Trevor Jefferson

THIS IS NOT PORN!!!! But does use adult language in creating images, so not for the young or faint of heart.

Simply some humorous stories I wrote back in the 1990's, based very loosely on actual events either I experienced personally or related to me by friends and family, then extrapolated and distorted by (what I can only apologize for) a bizarre mentality.

The essence of the tales is that the main character "Sphincter Man" has a black hole up his anus and so slips across the infinite dimensions "popping" from adventure to adventure oblivious of his actual status, as he believes he is just in a drunken dream state.

If there is enough interest I will re-open that part of my brain that thinks in "Sphincter" mode and start again, since writing the stories I have come across many characters and events that are perfect for the SM treatment.

To those who do read these tales I extend my thanks and apologies for your interest and any deviations caused.

The Silly Scribe

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