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  • Re-Imagining Palestine

    In the US, we are led to believe the Palestine-Israel conflict is “too complicated”, “confusing”, best left to our political & media leaders. Who…

    Digest / 8.25" x 5.25"
    Print: $17.80 Digital: $5.00
  • The Un-Gentrified

    These are B&W portraits of people who live and work in San Francisco. Since 1990, this city has experienced rapid socio-economic changes led by…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $14.00 Digital: $5.95
  • Wayside: The Art of High Speed Photography

    Zipping on the highways and byways of California and Virginia, I point my camera out the passenger-side window and shoot the landscapes with lazy…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $20.60 Digital: $5.95

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