henri félix fortier durand

Perception is never the same; it fluctuates within each second it relates an individual to the environment; it defines in a sense what we sense as being 'real', although it does not materially exists, the more so as a cultural tool;

As such, each alive is so because of the perceptual feel built within the self, or better, one's own imagination;

Most 'great' people, those whose name is still reverberating through centuries of travel, echoing from one imagination through an infinity of those, during each life, like a star in one's own skies, a shooting star;

A friend came in november, and within the span of two hours, shot 200 frames of my own environment, each, a mix, the whole a report card on 'what' I had become; tripod, flash, he just kept shooting while I made faces, haircuts, never stopping for a thought as to what was being done;

The whole event being a data gathering which I had asked him to execute, in order for me to cook up visions of what my imagination is , for me, reality.

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