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Scott Lowther
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
128 pages Perfect-bound
aircraft, Boeing, Bomber, Dyna Soar, Martin, McDonnell, projects, rockets, spaceplane, turboprops, vtol, X-20

Main: Boeing Model 844-2050E, the final almost-built version of the X-20 Dyna Soar spaceplane. Includes diagrams showing the design and construction of the spaceplane, drawings and information on proposed operational versions including passenger ferries, satellite inspectors, even nuclear bomber versions. Also included are many all-new diagrams that finally show the D-20/Titan IIIC accurately and in detail, along with variants, launch systems and space stations. Article by Bill Slayton on the Lockheed CL-295 tailsitter VTOL fighters including designs derived from the F-104 as well as wholly new designs. Third is the McDonnell F-4(FVS), a mid-1960′s concept to replace the wing of the F-4 Phantom II with an all-new variable geometry “swing wing.” The story goes from the F-4(FVS) in its numerous incarnations through the Model 225, McDonnell-Douglas’ entry into the 1968 VFX contest which led to the F-14. Also, Aerospace History Nuggets on the US Navy SCAT VTOL and the Republic RAC-730 SSTO aerospaceplane.

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