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APR V3N3 w/electronic version

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Scott Lowther
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
98 pages Perfect-bound
aircraft, B-52, B-70, Bell, Bomber, Douglas, Dyna Soar, Martin, projects, rockets, spaceplane, turboprops, vtol, X-20

The first article covers the proposed use of bombers the B-52 and B-70 to launch the Dyna Soar military spaceplane. The Martin Astrorocket, early-60s studies of reusable launch systems for the USAF. The large Douglas XC-132 turboprop transport/tanker of the 1950′s. Good photos of the mockup. The A-12 Avenger II stealthy strike plane, includes info and dwgs on the Northrop competitor as well as a number of rare and all-new detailed diagrams. A brief article on 3 Grumman designs from 89-93, VTOL lift-fan combat aircraft, including the Future Attack Air Vehicle (FAAV). An article describing a trio of seemingly unrelated designs: a “landing boat” for Project Orion, a lifting body for the Apollo program, and a fighter designed to be launched via booster rockets. Included is information on the Logistics Landing Vehicle, GDs equivalent of the Douglas ICARUS troop transport rocket. Two Aerospace History Nuggets: a Ryan concept for a VTOL jetliner and a concept from Bell for linking two helicopters together.

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Aerospace Projects Review: APR V3N3 w/electronic version

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