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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 18" x 12"
2 pages
bird, dead cactus, dead racoon, painting, skull

images #80/81 from the book; a straight ipad shot, nothing disturbed, a piece of my main storage workshop; this is where I gather items which have meaning to me, quite a few dating back up to 40 years; I have long and deep memories; if content is to be build within my images, I must deliver it from some placed else, or else nothing is there; psychological work, never trendy, always painful to the blind or deprived of the cultural tools to walk in, this work for those who in the future will have enough humanity inside them to appreciate the depth of it within those digital expressions; for now, consumerism epoch, they are 'worthless' in fact to be rejected as ugly; well reality is always ugly, for it comes out from chaos as a hand out of the water, last move of the drowning ignorant, for one has to learn swimming before swinging the 'self' into deep dark waters.

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first ipad walk around my house: pages_80 and 81

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