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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 18" x 12"
2 pages
bird, mummy, racoon, skull

images #78/79 from the book; now we get into the thick of things with this set of 3 posters covering up to page 83; love and death story, a murderous fight to overcome the female racoon's male partner; nights of figthing through my big workshop, turning it into a total mess to be tidied-up each morning; it had to stop and since the warriors would not go out to fight it out in the 'wild', I was leaving my big doors open 24/24, I had to install the konibear trap, a deadly affair to clear-up the air; and yes, next day, the steel tool was gone; the beast had it holding her and managed to open one of the steel chain links with its paw; wow, there was no way for me to confront that kind of animal; so I left it at that for a year; then, looking around my machinery, I found the pair hidden under one of my wood turning platforms, standing on hind legs, steel across the jaw, dry as a twig; a three poster drama hidden into layers of artefacts.

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