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WW1 Aero #193 - August 2006

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World War 1 Aeroplanes
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
148 pages Perfect-bound
aeroplanes, aircraft, airplanes, history, transportation, world war 1, WW1 Aero

911 Coanda, dwgs; J Walter Christie; Caproni Ca 60 Capronissimo, dwgs; Gallaudet Pt 14a, dwgs; Early Aerofoils; Historiography in 3D; Culture in Aviation (air transport); IDX; Aircraft; Times Tarmac (addenda to FRENCH AEROPLANES BEFORE THE GREAT WAR, 1911 Scott triplane; Levavasseur); Centerspread-Mayrhofer’s 3 D.VIII wings); Assembling the Jenny (manual); Museums/Organizations (Cody, McCutcheon’s USAF engineering records project, Canada’s Great War Flying Museum; Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome update; Freeman’s Spad and other repro projects); Drawings (Pfalz D.XII, the Hydroaerocraft, Curtiss’ reblt Langley Aerodrome); Gallery (Keith Woodcock); Film (New Views in Great War Films, pre-review of FLYBOYS); Models; Publications; Historiography (Forum essay, Herbert Johnson comments); Letters (Burton’s partscale D.VII project, one semi-anonymous sourbelly letter); W&

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WW1 Aero : WW1 Aero #193 - August 2006

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