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8.2 ("Fail")

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Marc Zeedar
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
60 pages Saddle-stitched
cross-platform development, programming, REALbasic, software development

* Why We Fail * by Jens Bendig In this essay, Jens shows why software projects tend to fail over time as programmers favor short-term benefits over long-term goals.

* Good Database Design Principles * by Craig Boyd Designing a good database isn't easy. Craig shares some techniques that will you help you build a better database.

* Saving Data * by Marc Zeedar Saving your program's data structure isn't easy... until now. Marc's new SaveDict dictionary class extension allows you to save all of a dictionary's contents with a single line of code!

* REALGraphics: Blending By Layers * by JC Cruz If you're familiar with the benefits of blending graphical layers in programs like Photoshop, you'll appreciate being able to do that right within REALbasic. In this in-depth article, JC shows you how.

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xDev Magazine: 8.2 ("Fail")

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