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At a Fork in the Road: A Debriefing on the RCP

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Kasama Project
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
52 pages Saddle-stitched
Alan Badiou, Bill Martin, communism, Kasama, maoism, RCP

"The main orientation of many of my posts will be to continue what I’m going to call “a debriefment of Maoism,” with the aim of generating some terms for the next phase.

Here and there I hope to show how Alain Badiou helps us move beyond a revolutionary sequence that has become “saturated,” to use his terminology. Ultimately I hope to combine all the posts into a little book, something that would constitute a kind of “workbook” of “post-Maoism.”

I am interested in “getting there from here,” where “here” is the Maoist current in communism. But this is not only a complicated question (as I hope to demonstrate in these posts, including the present one), it may even be that there are pathways that certain currents of Maoism have taken that are effectively precluded from getting “there” (that is, revolution)."

-Bill Martin

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Kasama Press: At a Fork in the Road: A Debriefing on the RCP

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