Kasama Project (kasamaproject)

Kasama is a communist project that seeks to reconceive and regroup for a profound revolutionary transformation of society. We are open to learning, unafraid to admit our own uncertainties. At the same time, we will not shrink from what we do know: the solutions cannot be found within an imperialist world order or the choices it provides. We are for revolution.We seek to find the forms of organization and action for thepeople most dispossessed by this system to free themselves and all humanity.To take this road, we need a fearless, open-eyed debate, discussion and engagement. We need fresh analyses of the rapid changes shaping the world around us. We need to sum up a century of revolutionary strategies and attempts, victories and defeats – instead of the conventional wisdomand facile verdicts that paralyze our movements.We need to re-imagine a radical politics that can take life among people and move mountains.We need a movement that can listen, as well as speak.

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