Self-Disenfranchised: Full Print Version

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Published by:
Blank Publishing
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
254 pages Perfect-bound
Travel & Vacations
argentina, backpacking, blank publishing, bus, busker, busking, Canada, Canadian, ecotravel, fool's guide, journalist, Peru, raggy, raghbir jin, self disenfranchised, South America, tango, vagabond, vancouver

It’s not easy graduating from college with a diploma in a dying industry – especially when you’re graduating into the worst global recession since the dirty ‘30s. As his streak of ill fortune drags onward, Capt. Raghbir Jin, Ph.D. (claims of captain and doctor status unproven and irrelevant) is left with nothing to gain at home — and nothing to lose abroad. No plans, little money and a burning desire for forward motion, Raghbir flees the Great White North on a cynic vagabondage: 32,710 km to indulge both his journalistic career and his insatiable wanderlust, right down to the Argentine tip of South America.

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Self-Disenfranchised: Full Print Version

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