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The Next Truth February 2021

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The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
58 pages Perfect-bound
Science & Nature
animals, brain, consciousness, Corona, dreams, engineering, evolution, history, Myth, Neanderthal, physics, psychology, Research, science, space, Spiritualism, STEM, technology, travel, Virtual Reality

A device operating as an artificial opiate and, without us noticing it, inducing an altered state of consciousness by hypnosis, guided imagery, mediation or relaxation? Even though we don’t give it second thought with awareness, Virtual Reality seems to be a perfect candidate for a grisly effect as such.

VR is providing new frontiers the change of exploring our future consciousness by adding whole new dimensions to the notion of what is real. Through this powerful, personality mapping technology we are able to enter altered states of consciousness.

In this line of thought it is mathematically likely that we are currently living inside one of these artificial states of consciousness. That means we are a strange temporary approximation of people who once lived perhaps billions of years ago. So you are you, but you are also someone else that was you, but you are that person, but you are only you…(sigh)…never mind I will let myself out.

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The Next Truth: The Next Truth February 2021

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