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In this issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, we feature American Ghost Hunter’s Chad Calek and author and investigator Dave Galvan. Researcher Christophor Coppes discusses near-death experiences, including messages brought back from those who have seen “the light.” Investigator Larry Lasker talks with UFO researcher and experiencer Dr. Lynn Kitei about the Phoenix Lights event, and Paranormal League of America Founder Dave Galvan shares his theory on residual hauntings. In our Personal Experiences section, paranormal enthusiast Gerry Warner reveals experiences at the Devil’s Tower, and investigator Rob St.Helen reveals new encounters in his monthly column, “Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel.” Also, check out our review of the month on the documentary “Chasing the Shadows.” Happy reading! (Issue PDF available at www.paranormalunderground.net!)

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Paranormal Underground: March 2011

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