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The Ultimate Science - Hu, Bavo, Mangaldas (Eng. Dadavani March-2020)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
34 pages Perfect-bound
absoluteself, bavo, body, Gnan, hun, mangaldas, mind, Parmatma, puresoul, science, soul, speech

Hu (the ‘I’) is the pure Soul, the original Parmatma (absolute Self), which is of 360 degrees! Bavo is the middle Antaratma (the interim state of the Self) and Mangaldas is Chandubhai [reader is to substitute his/her name here], the mind, speech and body! The physical body, all that is encompassed in Mangaldas. In short, the physical part belongs to Mangaldas, the subtle part and the causal part belong to bavo and Hu is the pure Soul. What should be done to dissolve the bavo? If you don’t side with the bavo, then its lineage will never increase. When the effects of the bavo are endured with Gnan, the bavo starts to come into Hu. Now as the bavo becomes pure, the Science will manifest! For the first time in 1987 in America, He had revealed the mystery of Hu, bavo and Mangaldas, and He had said, “I am giving you the ultimate Gnan. Now, nothing at all beyond this remains to be known.”It is our ardent prayer that mahatmas clearly experience their Own state through this Science.

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