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The Next Truth March 2020

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Throughout history, humans have committed horrific crimes, which seem to reflect a primordial and animalistic behavior in human survival. But what exactly makes someone a serial killer? Are they the product of bad genes, environmental factors, or something even worse? What is it that triggers someone to follow a path of violence and committing horrible crimes? Is it possible to unravel the mind of a serial killer and unlinking the many narrow alleys of their entangled labyrinth? The truth is that no one really knows, and despite the efforts of modern criminology to decode the brain of a typical serial killer, a concrete explanation has not reached yet.

The highly interesting articles of this month’s contributors are providing you a clearer answer to some of these in-depth questions which are asked by many. But I have to put out a WARNING in advance. Some of the articles contain disturbing content and shocking photographs!

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The Next Truth: The Next Truth March 2020

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