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Mind can be contained through awakened awareness (Gujarati Dadavani December-2012)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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26 pages Perfect-bound
awareness, Gnan, Jagruti, man, mind

After attaining the experience of Self , one understands that ‘I am a pure Soul (Shuddhatma), completely free from mind, speech and body. What then, is the natural work of the Self? It is to ‘see’ the natural work of the mind, intellect and senses, as separate. The mind is to be known (gneya) and the Self is the Knower (Gnata). What is the relationship between the ‘Gnata’ and the ‘gneya?’ It is to ‘see’ the thoughts of the mind.To remain separate from the mind is called purushartha after attaining the Self. The awakened awareness (jagruti) increases as this purushartha increases. It is the jagruti that makes one know that this is a ‘gneya and I am ‘Gnata,’ even as a thought arises. Dadashri says that, “‘We’ (Gnani Purush) are showing the path that ‘we’ have seen, known, and experienced. We are telling you the method that ‘we’ have used and how ‘we’ have become free. Now when You follow what I show You, it will come into Your practice. Then You will have no problem for Your moksha.

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