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When Money leaves… (Gujarati Dadavani February-2004)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
26 pages Perfect-bound
Lakshmi, Money

In this era of time cycle who hasn't experienced loss of money? When money comes one enjoys but when money leaves it causes suffering. Money is a by-product whereas Soul is main product. Money comes when merit karmas unfold & leaves when merit karmas come to an end. Night comes after day & vice-versa. But doesn't waiting for night to end, make it longer instead? Similar is the case with money. When one faces a low phase financially, one should increase Satsang. Sooner or later demerit karmas will end, merit karmas will start unfolding & livelihood will come into normality. In reality this life is not for business-job, it is to attain Self Realization, progress in the path towards salvation & ultimately attain salvation. If one keeps this awareness then one will not only attain path to salvation but also the by-product will be high! This edition of Dadavani gives various keys as to what kind of spiritual effort one should put when money leaves, how to maintain inner satisfaction, etc.

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Dadavani Magazine: When Money leaves… (Gujarati Dadavani February-2004)

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