Light Interrupted • Shadows • Chiaroscuro • Reflections

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Where ever you go, whatever you do, something dark is always following you. Shadows are everywhere when ever there is a source of light, be it a lamp on your desk or the sun, 93 million miles away from the ground you are walking on. Reflections are almost everywhere also, though not quite as ubiquitous as shadows. Mirrors are often one of the first things we see on any given morning after taking a shower, showing us our naked selves staring back at us as few others ever see us. When light hits a surface it may be absorbed, transmitted through the surface or reflected. In classical art, chiaroscuro (an Italian word meaning light/dark) is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting an entire artistic composition. This book is made from photos and images illustrating those concepts.

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Light Interrupted • Shadows • Chiaroscuro • Reflecti...

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