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WeMerge Magazine has been around since late 2007. Its history started when prominent South Florida art and music promoter and live event host Renda Writer teamed up with an independent media company run by Dwayne Adams, a graduate of the Art Institute of Ft.Lauderdale. They released the first issue with only 16 pages and 5,000 copies. Dwayne Adams and Renda Writer continued publishing as a two man team with a high work ethic and a strong will to succeed. Dwayne’s background in photography and design, as well as his 2-years of experience in working with another South Florida publication combined perfectly with Renda Writer’s writing abilities, his skills in sales, marketing, and promotions, and his vast personal network of artists and musicians throughout South Florida. The combination helped to propel the two into the publishing world, still till this day striving to bring local artists to the masses

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