Nikeema Lee (UpscaleDesires)

Upscale Desires is a fresh and needed mentoring system that caters to the needs of singles as well as couples in all relationship situations.

Upscale Desires is in the business of rebuilding broken individuals in order to create positive and successful interpersonal relationships.

Upscale Desires is a vessel that encourages h­­­­­armony and balance to be a focal point in the rediscovering of intimacy in the hearts and minds of the coached/mentored individual.

Nikeema is currently Founder and CEO of Upscale Desires, an Intimate Relationships Firm based out of North Carolina, USA where she also serves as an Intimate Relationship Coach. Giving deep insight to sexual disconnections that have plagued the lives of many of her clients, she has touched the cores of so many throughout the local North Carolina community as well as all over the United States.

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  • UD Mag 2015: UD April

    This month we highlight the idea that forgiveness is possible. Mr. Marcus, the face of porn, made a mistake 3 years ago and its has cost him just…

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  • UD Mag 2015: UD Mag Feb 2015

    On my vision board just above my desk. The very deck I type this editors note to you, there is a quote. It reads “BE THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS.”…

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  • Aug 2014 Print Verison

    Welcome Back!. I want to say that you have been missed. Over the last two years so much as happened. We look forward to bringing you more information…

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