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About us :

We got sick and tired of seeing artist cheated, lied to, and scammed out of their money. So we decided to start a platform where we can provide the artist with the proper tools and resources to succeed in the industry.


Untouchable Magazine’s vision is to create a meaningful magazine for our consumers, celebrity friends and loyal readers with trustworthy information in a Real-Life manner. Untouchable Magazine’s principles are to empower, excite, promote accountability, accentuate the informal, build on UMTV team strengths, listen first, open communication, and deliver great results to our magazine consumers. Our “What We Stand For” Values: High standards, integrity, humility, making a difference, respect, and empowerment:

Mission Statement:

Untouchable Magazine’s Mission is to be the preeminent resource that provides valuable entertainment industry news and business, while empowering people from all walks of life. We want everyone to realize they’re “Untouchable”

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