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Times Beach Magazine was originally established as a variety blog under a different title. The founder was adamant about designing a publication that would deliver interviews and features that broke the prototypical mold of today's scandal-sheet-style journalism found in most magazines. After a period of turbulence, the original founder decided that he would pass the blog off to today's current editor, Sarah Seado, and step down from creative control and ownership.

In 2008, Sarah took the blog and ultimately turned it into a fully functioning website featuring the same content but on a seamless platform organized closer to that of a true magazine. The new name, "Times Beach Magazine", originated from a former township of the same name in Missouri, where usage of dioxin in the environment made the area uninhabitable sometime in the 1960's. After much consideration and personal interest vested in the subject, Sarah (who worked closely with the former founder during this transitional period) decided that "Times Beach" would be the perfect name for the new website.

Times Beach has since been functioning and established itself as a credible and respectable online publication. The organization has worked with musicians, artists, writers, and designers to bring truly unique content to its readers.

In April of 2013, co-founder Sarah Seado came to the realization that Times Beach was growing and no longer would be justified as a simple website. Through careful consideration, she made the decision to transform the blog-turned-website into a full-fledged magazine. After a group of driven, young writers were recruited, she set forth to deliver the first issue of Times Beach Magazine.

In a span of two months, she single-handedly designed, advised, and oversaw the development of all segments and layouts. The incorporation of new, enthusiastic writers along with simple marketing helped launch the first edition of the publication to much acclaim from companies and personalities featured there within.

Today, Times Beach Magazine is still operating as a digital publication facing the possibility of eventually becoming epitomized as a printed publication. As for right now, the magazine, and all who contribute and work to build a successful future for the organization, are striving to hold true to the original founder's organizational culture by featuring interviews with public figures from all walks of life while striving to bring out their true character; providing them with a platform to share their story or art without it being unnecessarily misconstrued or scandalized.

"Since our original founding, our motto has been that 'If it's interesting to the highest degree, you'll find it at times beach'. Through the growth and changes we have undergone as an organization, we are now looking forward to our fruitful future. From this point on, Times Beach Magazine will remain 'Forever in the pursuit of interesting'."

-Sarah Seado,

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, Content Editor

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