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Thick & Beauty Magazine work as a mother agency for commercial print Modeling. We offer additional services such as, adult Entertainment and Advertisement. Our company is internationally known, primary in regions such as, the United States, Dominican Republic, Belize, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil and Latin America. Our mission is to create profile for Models, so they can be recruited for endorsement deals, print promotions and commercial advertisements. Thick & Beauty Magazine also produce and promote adult content Videos through our Adult Entertainment department. Other companies advertise their services through our website as third party affiliates. If you are interested in promoting your company on our website, contact us. ​ As a Modeling agency we actually conduct business as personal managers, not an employment agent. Work is guarantee based on the model participation and cooperation with us, however we can guide all aspects of the model’s career, such as career opportunities, photography, publicity and public relations. ​ Since we are a mother Agency, we can help Models learn the industry, build up their portfolio, and give guidance. We assist potential superstar Models with building a brand for themselves. Our services will give Models the opportunity to gain exposure, so they'll be in high demand for future gigs and major deals. The primary purpose for founding Thick & Beauty Magazine is to provide plus-size women (thick ladies) with the opportunity to express their beauty as glamour Models. We don't discriminate, all of our Models isn't plus-size. We are one of a few selected agencies that are primarily interested in recruiting plus-size Models. ​ If you're looking to become a Model and build a career in the Modeling Industry with an international agencies such as Thick & Beauty Magazine, then contact us and submit your portfolio. Take your first step to get selected by the world's best photographers, advertisers and corporations. The world is watching, express your beauty. ​ If your are interested in Modeling or adult Entertainment, then you can email us four full body pictures, and two face pictures make sure the photos are shoot by a professional Photographer, also state rather you want to model or produce adult Content in the email subject line. If your company or website need advertisement or effective marketing, then inform us about your interest.

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