Suzann Brucato (TheFaceOfPoetry)

At one time, stones were used as mileposts or markers on the side of the road to signify a major interval in a journey, a point of achievement, or a time to stop and reflect before moving on. There are many milestones in our lives, some smaller than others and some with grand celebration. Some are planned while others are unexpected. We cannot always control whether our journey between life’s milestones will be clear or understandable, so we learn to rely on things that have come before ... a priori ... that by experience we know to be true. Sometimes it is our family, our heritage and traditions, that provides us with knowledge. Sometimes it is our faith that helps us make decisions, even if we don’t understand why. Sometimes it is a friend that shares heartful strength. While our journeys are not always smooth, and the directions are not always clear, the gift is in the journey, what we bring with us, what we learn, and who we meet along the way.

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