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{Please note as of January 2014 The 22 Magazine is no longer in production. We will no longer accept submissions. Thank you for all your amazing work over the last 4 years!}

The 22 is an online magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY. The 22 features 22 contributors each issue and many more on our blog and at our shows. Since late 2010, The 22 has been committed to presenting beautiful and thoughtful portrayals of artists, writers, musicians, and the creative community with an emphasis on the creator and their work. While a print version will be available shortly, the focus remains the digital realm and the dedication to presenting new, under represented works alongside more estab- lished pieces in a democratic manner. We seek structures that play off each other, enhance the whole, and seek to present work as a means of creative communication with other disciplines, and communi- ties. Our credo is and remains,“strength in numbers.” It is this manner we create not only the magazine but our events, with careful consideration and research of our participants, and an eye on supporting the creative community as often and as much as we can.

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