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Models: If you are under 18 your parent must contact us to get published! We must have releases signed by the parent for minors 17 and under - it's the law!

Email: teengirlfight@gmail.com or contact@teengirlfight.com

We publish models whose parents want them published with us for many reasons, such as for promotional and marketing brands, practicing poses and styles, entertainment, professional growth, and even comedy relief! Keywords, descriptions and all other marketing reflect content shot by the photographer!


Let's face it. Growing up as a tween or teenager with an interest in entering the entertainment industry in today's world can be brutal.

But it doesn't have to be.

Many teenagers have interests different from their community's "social norms."

And often feel alone.

But now you don't have to thanks to the ALL-NEW TEENGIRLFIGHT.COM!

Dare to be different by becoming a part of our exclusive club today!

We offer cool and edgy book and magazine cover opportunities for tweens and teens alike!

To be considered for membership into the ALL-NEW TEENGIRLFIGHT.COM, you and your teen's photographer must return a signed release to us. From there your teen can be published, in a feature magazine of just her photos. This stringent requirement is in place so we can remain focused on promoting professional talents with ambitions of fulfilling bold and daring careers throughout their formative teen years, in the style of Chloe Grace Moretz, India Eisely, Joey King, Elle Fanning, Isabela Merced, Lil Tay, Bhad Bhabie, and Abigail Breslin, and with content similar to a modern MTV and classic Tiger Beat with Nickelodeon mixed with "The N," HBO, and IFC and contemporary icons like Avatar, Hunger Games, Saw X, The Exorcist films, Bottoms, Abigal, M3gan, Chucky series, etc.

ALL-NEW TEENGIRLFIGHT.COM often publishes models between the ages of 10 to 19 (but is not limited to these ages; we do publish petite and young adults as well) and all submissions for teens ages 10-17 must be signed by a parent even if the tween or teenager is under representation.

Instagram: @teengirlfightmagazine

Males should have their parents contact TVSKEntertainment.com for opportunities tailored to them.

Our parent company is Phoenix Rising International, Ltd. available at PhoenixRisingInternational.com and publishes all ages, all genders.

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