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Bodyart By Thomas Oliver in Visions of COLOR

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Tbone (Thomas R Oliver) has been an artist since he was a child. His work has been sold and gifted through out the USA and the Middle east, Portraits,album covers, business signs and decor, sports logos etc.

My talents are natural and self taught and have been solicited by other artist to finish their works in crunch time. I had the opurtunity to work with the late Don Punchatz as a teenager. I admittedly spent My time listening and watching and wish I would have been more apprieciative of my time spent with this great artist. It was not till later in life that I realized my passion for art, the simple task of recreating the visions that plague my every thought.

Some artist find a style or gimick that they pursue. I like to explore all forms and styles and mix and match my techniques...In the 90s this cost me A first place title at a show in dallas I was disqualifid for forcing Oil paints through an airbrush to create A ghostly set of eyes... I was informed that this was not a proper technique!? This sparked me to challenge the critics and now every piece I create I challenge the 'Proper Technique' while maintaining a understandable Vision. To hell with the scribbles called emotional art our job as an artist is to leave behind a memory for our future to understand and learn of our life, just imagine the blue dog being apart of the 15th century wouldnt we all be confused. No disrespect to the artist he found his gimmick, And behind the dog lies a true artist that most will never see.

I cherish Life and beauty in everything I see, my heart is filled with sorrows of the abused, Passion of lovers,and anger at mans stupidity... combined in my head this is where I seek my visions for most of my work...But I know how to close that door and comercialize my work as well this is why my work varies from piece to piece... tell me your story and I will create a piece from your heart.

PEACE TO ALL for we all live and die the same

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