Sridevi Krishnan (sris)

Sridevi Krishnan specializes in Software Engineering and holds a Master of Computer Science and Business Administration from Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA. She started writing for children when she was pregnant with her now 7 year old twins. She is passionate about educating the young minds through the art of storytelling. She works full time during the weekdays and in the weekends she teaches Tamil language and culture to children at California Tamil Academy. She also enjoys running hands-on story workshops for children to help kindle their creative minds right from the beginning. She has been married for 13 years and leads a happy life with her husband and 2 children in the heart of San Francisco bay area.

Story Room is a stimulating workshop that makes story writing fun for young children.
Story Workshop Books:
Sam the black ant by Nigamanth
Bluy the butterfly by Karthikeya
Mary's little lamb by Shreyas
Siddy learns to share by Smrithi

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