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SECDUM STANDS FOR: We impact style that is everlasting and creative which sparks determination within our unique individual members.

SECDUM SOCIETY was created in 2010 by Raymond Woods Jr. with a passion for fashion, personal style, editorials, look-books, photography and culture. Targeting men and women with these special interest between ages of 16-28 on the east coast, from the south, and some west coast. Secdum Society readers and fans expect nothing but the best content and we want to achieve that goal for SECDUM MAGAZINE. Lisa Ward is EDITOR IN CHIEF & FOUNDER of SECDUM MAGAZINE. Lisa Created SECDUM MAGAZINE in honor of CO FOUNDER Raymond Woods Jr who is only 22 years of age, who is also the founder of SECDUM SOCIETY. Secdum Society is a fashion blog site with a great following. Lisa wanted to bring 2 generations with a great amount of background in Fashion, Inspiration, Gospel, Art and Music together to create a great magazine. With the help of Dr. Tameka “Doc” Wright and a team of young Dream Warriors like Mike Brown 21, Daniel Delgado 20, Geri-Lynn Williams 17, Jasmine Quaye 26. Charles Johnson III 25, Deon Harris and Marquita Clark. SECDUM MAGAZINE may have a team of many opposite styles but opposite attract greatness.

SECDUM MAGAZINE is targeting men and women with these special interest between ages of 16-60 on the east coast and west coast. SECDUM MAGAZINE informs the public by spreading awareness about current topics, humanity and people associated with the entertainment industry. Secdum Magazine also has articles based on new trends that assist in building a sense of style. Important information about health is also included to teach our readers about bodily signs that may require attention as we evolve. Secdum Magazine caters to your intellectual side by detailing dreams and visions of talented artists while incorporating everyday obsessions that help us as a society focus on social change. We believe that being true to ourselves is the purest way to begin changing someone’s life. We are very passionate about connecting with our readers so feel free to leave a message, email or comment us!

SECDUM MAGAZINE's is influential, active and engaged. We strive for excellence and perfections to give our readers exclusive insight and content as possible. We strive for a sense of humanity and career motivator to give our readers hope.

SECDUM MAGAZINE is death defining, inspiring across the heavens, and leading pioneers in today's community. We strive for complete satisfaction for our consumers.

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