Sally Wiener Grotta (SallyWienerGrotta)

Photographer, photo essayist, digital artist, author, reviewer, columnist and lecturer, all describe what Sally Wiener Grotta does. But to truly understand who she is, one must also apply the title Storyteller to her list of accomplishments and achievements. Whether it's a picture or an article, a workshop or a book, Sally's primary purpose, above and beyond communicating concepts, ideas and information, is to tell a cracking good story that will entertain, amuse, and enlighten.

Such is Sally’s renown within the photography and digital imaging realm, that she is generally referred to by her first name. A pioneer in digital art, Sally invented many creative techniques and styles in the medium when it was still in its infancy. Numerous other experts in photography and digital imaging have acknowledged that they first learned the basics from Sally’s books, articles, and/or lectures.

Sally's natural down-to-earth shooting style helps people warm to her camera, developing personal relationships that allow her to share in intensely private and often poignant creative moments, as well as spontaneous expressions of joy and discovery. Her American Hands narrative portraits capture both the fascinating creative processes and the individual personalities of the craftspersons. As she wanders the country, Sally will also continue to share her pictures and stories, through exhibition installations, slide-show presentations, and lectures/classes on narrative portraiture and photography. She plans to create two to four American Hands Journals annually.

Collection: American Hands Journal

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