Tim Anderson (Ryzo45)

Tim Anderson is the managing editor/publisher of Shadow & Light Magazine, a photography-based publication and has been a professional photographer for more than 50 years. He has reviewed photography portfolios for a wide variety of organizations and he is also the publisher of The Journal, a bi-weekly international photo-based e-mail newsletter, read in more than 128 countries and by more than 5,000 readers and subscribers.

He is also the founder and editor of Cygnet Press, a small press that publishes poetry, memoirs, erotica, and essays by little known, unrecognized authors who choose to publish their work independently of the “big-box” publishers. Recently, he has had the privilege of publishing his own work, “Poser: a sketchbook of ideas for artists and models” and the poetry book, “Frame of Mind.”

Timothy B. Anderson is a published Albuquerque writer/artist/photographer/blogger/publisher.

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