Nikki Pugh (presentposition)

A freelance artist based in Birmingham, UK. I work in the grey areas between and across Art, Science and Technology, instigating enquiry-led processes that are often participatory in nature. I'm primarily interested in issues around interaction: how we interact with spaces and landscapes; how we interact with each other; and how we interact with objects.

Typically I will instigate a starting point and a mechanism to support exploration and criticism.

My practice encompasses locative and digital media, walking, performative actions in public spaces (in turn including pervasive games), installation, physical computing and collaboration. I rarely work in isolation, preferring instead to work in response to a particular location, context or conversation.

A recurring theme throughout my work is that of 'genzaichi' a term borrowed from the Japanese equivalent to 'you are here'. With a literal translation of 'present position', this has, for me, come to symbolise being aware of and paying attention to the spaces we pass through and inhabit.

Collection: Uncertain Eastside

1 publication