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Pole Dance International Magazine (PDI) is the first and only truly global publication dedicated to World Pole Sports and Fitness. The magazine is fully published both online and in print formats. PDI offers features such as studios and performers from different corners of the globe, political interests in the industry, Q and A, a Global Events Calendar, Product Reviews, Competition/Event Coverage, International Photo Submissions and much more! We are a key resource for pole enthusiasts in and outside the industry. Our global team offers well-researched, educational, interesting and professional topics for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to enjoy the very best the world of pole has to offer.

In addition to PDI, we also publish our 'sister' magazine, AAI, or Aerial Arts International- which is the world's ONLY media resource for the cirque and aerial communities at every level.

We are proud to offer our readers and fitness enthusiasts everywhere our publications. We put our heart and soul into each article and issue we produce. We hope you'll love being a part of our pole and aerial families! Pole Dance International, LLC

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