Welcome to PHAT Magazine, The worlds fastest growing International on demand print and online fashion magazine that caters to women with curves. As you flip through our magazine you’ll discover a whole new universe ,while you’re discovering you won’t help to wonder why is this different than any other pro curve magazine! What makes Phat Magazine such a non conformist is its drive to cater to the edgy curvy women. Too many magazines leave curvy women out of the spotlight. Pretending like they don’t exist and everyone can jump into a size 2. News flash not everyone is…”a size 2 or 4" . There are beautiful women everyday that are looking fabulous in all sizes. This is where Phat Magazine stands up above the crowd to bring something fresh, fashionable and edgy to the table. Cutting-edge editorials, shopping guides, the latest fashion’s and beauty trends all being catered to the curvy community. Buy your copy today!


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