PeppaBoy Photos (PeppaBoy)

Since I can remember, I have always admired art in all of its forms. Art is judged by the eye of the beholder. I decided I become involved with capturing the beauty of art in order to share my expressions and ideas to the world. My photography focuses on female models & music artist. Models please contact me to setup an on-location shoot!! Also looking to work with couples, toddlers, & weddings, etc.

I am a published photographer with an eye for detail and a sense for greatness. I intend to learn how to be the best photographer that I can be. I want to be able to take pictures of anything I want, but for now I wish to focus in photographing female models, music artists, & events/occasions. My goal is to be able to photograph the most beautiful & unique image I can in order to help display true beauty through my photographs. I strive to assist others in pursuing there careers and dreams by enhancing their portfolios & providing photo-session experience as we both journey together. My intent is photographing models for magazines, industries, creating their portfolios, print, fashion, weddings, events, etc.

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