Patricia 'Iolana Institute for Thealogy and Deasophy (PatriciaIolana)

The Institute for Thealogy and Deasophy is a research center dedicated to charting and further developing the fields of thealogy, deasophy, and their relationship to feminist and post-feminist theory and praxis. The Institute seeks to provide a bridge between the resources, insights, and queries related to academic scholarship and the wisdom, inquiries, and practices of the contemporary feminist spirituality communities As Goddess spirituality and other feminist spiritual traditions are increasingly expanding as more people are associating their religious and spiritual beliefs with the Goddess or feminist revisionings of the Divine, the Institute critically addresses the theoretical resolutions, beliefs, questions, and values undergirding these movements for the purposes of both filling gaps in the scholastic literature and providing additional theoretical sustenance to these communities. As a leading institute for the study of the Goddess(es) that provides an inviting space for networking, the general aim is to create an intellectual hub where all adherents and allies can engage in rich dialogue that will benefit both the broader feminist spirituality community and mainstream academia including graduates, post-docs, faculty, Goddess scholars, and Theology/Religious Studies scholars.

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