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After some serious consideration and counsel from some trusted friends. I decided to start this passion project. I've been published approximately 400+ times total, which was very good for my confidence, but ultimately someone else gets credit for showing off my model photography work. I’m not looking to get rich or even make money but to do this FOR ME. I've been passionate about doing my own magazine for so many years, but I just needed to.

This Passion Project is going to be a revolutionary in the world of modeling and photography. Out of my hundreds of magazine publications, rarely has anyone who submitted received a copy for free. In most cases, the talent must pay full price for a copy of the magazine, including a digital PDF copy. When a model shoots with me for Passion Project, not only does she also receives the photo session for FREE but also when the magazine is released to the public, she receives a FREE digital copy and a printed copy at cost, without any extra cost.

It’s time that we change the industry for the better and raise the quality of the work out there, for everyone to thrive!

Robert J. Deak -Editor

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