Passion 4 Fashion Week (passion4fashionweek)

Passion 4 Fashion Week is an industry development week dedicated to bridging the gap between business, fashion, and beauty events.

We are focused on exclusivity, branding, and providing industry standard knowledge and expertise due to years of devotion to true passion for fashion. Our main objective is for industry individuals who want to advance in the field. We have worked with many celebrity designers, agencies, and brands such as Reco Chapple (House of Chapple), Laura Govan (Reality TV Star & Style Guru), Mike Sylla (International Fashion Designer), Ford Models, Helen Wells, LModelz, Heyman Talent, Model and Talent Management (MTM), Lancôme, Dior Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, Chanel Beauty, FOX 59, FOX 19, Indy Style, FOX 46, and more.

We unite our audience with the newest and hottest lines available that include youth, street style, ready to wear, and couture. Everything that we provide during P4FW is for all participants to use in their look books, websites, and social media.

The idea behind P4FW is to have everyone walking away with a broader mindset of the business, fashion, and beauty industry. We put great thought and planning into our events, but our principal in what we do is wanting to make every participant feel comfortable in their own skin through fashion and beauty.

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