Adam Ramirez (optphoto)

Adam Ramirez is a thoroughly self-taught multifaceted artist. He has mastered the disciplines of photography, painting, illustration, design, music, and more. Rarely do any of his works fall under just one of these categories. Ramirez’s ever changing platforms make it difficult to define him as a single medium artist. For the past decade, Ramirez has been breaking down barriers to expand his horizons into new media and new ideas. As a concept driven artist, Ramirez allows the medium to be dictated by the art he creates. Just as society and technology grow, Ramirez’s works are forever evolving and adapting. Ramirez uses both the past and the future to influence his works, as we live in a world that craves advancement but will forget the wonders of the past. He continually challenges himself and produces works that reflect this ideal. As an artist, Ramirez understands that change is necessary for progress.

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  • EQUINOX Vol 1. No. 1

    Optimism Photography's EQUINOX is a collection of works by New Jersey based artist Adam Ramirez. This inaugural issue serves as a retrospective for…

    Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
    Print + Digital: $9.99 Digital: $1.99